NEW FEATURE: Easily Clone Pages and Elements with OptimizePress 2.0

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James Dyson has just announced a brand new feature that has been built into OptimizePress 2.0 – easy page and element cloning.

New Feature Demonstration


This is actually a really handy feature that was missing before that i’ll be using a lot. As you may know, two of my popular websites are built using OP2 (LondonIM and Rapid Leverage Forum) and I also help other marketers and entrepreneurs setup their OP2 websites. This new clone pages and clone elements feature will make it much easier to add repeating elements onto OP2 pages.

You can now clone:

  • pages
  • opt-in forms
  • testimonial areas
  • page dividers
  • and much more

Cloning elements on an OP2 page is much faster and easier than having to add them in manually, especially with testimonials and opt-in areas as you only need to configure the style/form once and then you just clone it and drag it into the correct place on your page.

From the official OptimizePress blog:

This new component will increase the rate at which you can create marketing pages, by making it “one click” simple to clone any element or row on a page.

This powerful drag and drop addition increases the ease with which you can build pages.

BONUS FEATURE: We have also added an extra level of flexibility as you can now move any element or row anywhere on a page.

>> If you haven’t already got OptimizePress 2.0 click here to buy it today <<


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  • Ryan Nickel

    Yes, but how can I clone an entire sales page? I don’t want to have to keep coming back to update a page to fit my different markets. I want to clone a page and have it for each market that I’m targeting.

  • sss

    and how to clone the entire page? this is rubbish.

  • scott

    I need to clone elements from one page to another page.

    • Me too. That’s what I’m wanting to do, but I don’t think it’s an OP option…. yet.

  • Brigitte F.

    My question is the same. How to clone entire page with all the content and elements

    • I’m looking for this same answer myself. I know one way but it takes forever… You can create a template out of the page. Save it, then upload it back. But again, there should be a faster way than this..

      • You will need to contact OptimizePress support directly.

  • Yeah how to copy testimonials from one page to another?
    Why can’t I just see the page in text mode and copy/paste shortcodes?

  • I came to the video looking for the same thing. They do not seem to be even listening 8 months ago and no response

    • Hi Chris, you will need to contact OptimizePress support directly.

  • Joey

    For all you asking how to clone a page, all you do is log into WordPress, click Pages, hover over the name of the page you want to create and a menu will pop up. The menu says Edit, Quick Edit, Trash, etc. The last one says Clone Page; click it. It’s as easy as that.